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MIMAG, since 1975, is a rooted contracting company, has succesfully completed over 80 projects, For both government institutions and private sector such as industrial complexes, infrastructures... 졠href="english/company-profile.html">more ...

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The field of activities of our firm covers to implement mainly industrial complexes, infrastructures, reinforced concrete and steel buildings, water treatment plants, solid waste storage plants, energy transmission lines, railway electrification ... more ...

94. SOCAR PETKݍ, PA (Phthalic Anhydride) Plant Revamp Project Civil 岥ction Works
93. ISDEMIR Sinter Plant No.2, Engineering, Civil Works, Manufacturing, Erection, Steel Structure Manufacturing & Erection, Electrical and Instrumentation, Dismantling and Relocation Works, 3.200.000 t/y. ISKENDERUN
92. ISDEMIR, No.7 Pump Station and Rain Water Main Channel Modification and Improvement Works. ISKENDERUN
91. CIMPOR YIBITAޠHasano졮 Cement Factory, Cement Silo and Handling System, Manufacturing, Construction, Installation Works, 5500 m3. ANKARA
90. ISDEMIR, PCI Landscaping, Construction of Blast Furnace Stove Gas Line, Fire Protection Water Tank and Pump Building Works. ISKENDERUN

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